8 December 2023
1 year ago
A small plane crashed into a wooded area of western Pennsylvania, critically injuring the pilot, authorities said
A 4-year-old boy was rushed to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after suffering a gunshot wound to the hand
Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that injured a four-year-old child in West Philadelphia
SWAT, police and EMS crews are responding to a situation in Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood
Philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting that killed a man and injured a 25-year-old woman
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Marysville PA, Newport PA and Duncannon PA until 1:15 PM EDT
The train consisted of 4 locomotives, 109 loaded cars, and 116 empty cars. In total, 17 cars and 2 engines were derailed
1 year ago
They said there are no immediate signs of release from the petroleum distillate cars in the water. Other cars in the creek contained plastic pellets, and some of those pellets did escape from a car. However, the pellets float and are being contained by the deployed booms
Norfolk Southern says all leaking cars were carrying petroleum distillates, not "sweet crude," as was previously reported. There are no immediate signs of release from the petroleum distillate cars in the water
Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that they say left a man in critical condition after he was shot in the back Friday morning
Last Memorial Day weekend, a scare at Ross Park Mall had police voicing their concerns about a lack of security cameras. John Shumway went digging to find out what has changed since then
The EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator will hold a news conference at 11 to give an update on what's happening here on scene and where they are on the recovery process
Here's a current look at the scene (~10a Friday). This is as close as we can get to where crews are working to pull the cars out of the creek. County officials say there will be a press briefing at 11a with an update
A look at the scene this morning after a train derailed yesterday in Harmar Twp. Multiple emergency crews remain on scene and are beginning the cleanup process. They've pulled some of the train cars from the tracks
Pottstown, May 27th, 2022
The former Pottstown mayor's house, next door to the blast. She happened to be out and not home when her neighbor's house exploded just past 8pm
House explosion in Pottstown. 4 people have died, two are unaccounted for, and two are injured
Pittsburgh Police said a Shotspotter alert went out around 2:38 a.m. A witness gave police a description of the person they saw shooting. Police said the suspect fired shots at officers when they found this person. Officers returned fire. No injuries reported
Pittsburgh Police in Homewood along the 7000 block of Hamilton Avenue this morning. Police said they received multiple Shotspotter alerts
Police are in Homewood after receiving multiple Shotspotter alerts.
Large police presence on several streets in Homewood. Police tape blocking the road.
Officials: 4 dead, 2 hurt in Pennsylvania home explosion
Police: Trespasser fatally assaulted in York
Police are investigating after a teenage boy was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the chest in a stranger's home. Authorities say there were no blood or shell casings found in the South Philadelphia residence
4 people dead and at least 2 missing after massive apparent gas explosion leveled 2 homes in Pottstown,PA. Children are among the injured. Smoke still billowing from home. "Sounded like a bomb" one resident told.
4 dead, 2 unaccounted for in house explosion in Pottstown. Homes damaged and destroyed
Four people are dead and two people may be unaccounted for after an explosion in Pottstown that destroyed three homes
At least 4 dead after explosion rocks Pottstown, Pa. neighborhood
At least 4 people were killed, 2 were injured and 2 remain unaccounted for following an explosion that destroyed homes in Pottstown
Officials are revealing new details on an apparent explosion that killed at least 2 people and destroyed homes in Pottstown