22 June 2024
The fallen officer was 50 years old with over 20 years on the force.He also leaves behind a spouse and child.The surviving officer is 60 years old and also has over 20 years on the force.
2 officers shot at Philadelphia International Airport, suspect sought: sources
50 year old ⁦@PhillyPolice⁩ Officer killed had 22y year son the force. He was married with with one child. He & 2nd Officer just parked on way in to begin their shifts ⁦@PHLAirport⁩ when they saw multiple people breaking into car in parking garage, who fired at them
A Philadelphia police officer was killed and another officer was injured in a shooting at a PHL parking garage, officials said. A person matching the description of one of the suspects was also pronounced dead at CHOP
Two @PhillyPolice @PPD18thDist stable after crash at 48th and Baltimore trying to catch Durango in two police officers shooting at airport
Philadelphia police say 1 officer shot at city's airport has died and another is in stable condition
@PhillyPolice sources tell 2022 Black Dodge Durango sought in shooting of two officers has license plate PLUSTA stolen Sunday from 3800 Gateway Drive near FDR Park in Southwest Philadelphia. Two other officers hurt on crash on Baltimore Ave during pursuit
2 OFFICERS DOWN Philadelphia International Airport There are reports of 2 officers shot. Requesting SWAT for a possible active shooter
Philadelphia STRONGARM ROBBERY 1XX W 65th Ave 35th DistrictTaken was a purse. Suspect is male with a ski mask and a green hoodie. Last seen east on 65th from that location
Philadelphia ARMED CARJACKING 45XX Milnor St 15th DistrictPoint of gun, possibly hit the food delivery driver with the gun. Taken was a tan Chevy Malibu DE temp tag XF730094. One suspect is a White male, other is a Black male, both with curly hair
Philadelphia ARMED ROBBERY Lynford and Unruh Ave 2nd DistrictPoint of gun. Taken was a phone and AirPods. Suspects are 6 - 7 Black males with ski masks and black clothing. Last seen west on Unruh from that location
8 month ago
A police officer shot and killed a passenger and injured a driver after the driver allegedly pinned him against a vehicle in Delaware County, investigators said.
Philadelphia DOUBLE SHOOTING 2XX W Ashdale St 35th DistrictDispatched at 8:54AM. 32-year-old male scooped to the hospital by police, unresponsive. A 2nd victim was scooped by the 25th District from a bus at 9th and Roosevelt Blvd. Suspects are 2 Black males.
Philadelphia SHOOTING 4XX W Ashdale St 35th DistrictAt approx 7AM, adult male shot in the hip by the homeowner after attempting to forcing entry into the home. Male scooped to the hospital by police
Philadelphia SHOTS FIRED 1XX N Peach St 19th District4 shell casings located, 1 vehicle struck. No victims located at this time
Philadelphia ARMED CARJACKING 8th and Moore St 3rd DistrictPoint of gun. Taken was a black 2003 black Chevy Equinox. Suspects are 2 males. Last seen west on Moore and then south on 10th
Philadelphia DOUBLE STABBING 304 W Chelten Ave at Delmar Bar 39th District2 stabbing victims in critical condition. Suspect is a Black male with braids, wearing all black clothing
Philadelphia ARMED ROBBERY 501 Adams Ave at Wendy's 2nd DistrictPoint of gun, attempted. Suspects are 2 Black males. One has short braids, black jacket, mask, and gloves. Operating an older model white vehicle, possibly a Jeep, with tinted windows and a black bumper
Philadelphia Homicide investigation 2400 Strawberry Mansion Bridge 22nd DistrictPFD BN-3 reports a body hanging from the bridge. Police marine unit and homicide detectives on location
Philadelphia ASSIST OFFICER 3XX N Robinson St 19th DistrictUnit in foot pursuit of a male with a gun. Suspect in custody, gun recovered. Assist resumed
A person has died after being struck by a vehicle outside Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, police say. Expect traffic trouble in the area
Philadelphia ARMED CARJACKING 16XX Germantown Ave 26th DistrictPoint of gun. Taken was a gray Honda Civic, PA Tag 10153UF with Philadelphia Union stickers. Suspects are 2 Black males with black masks, black clothing, and purple gloves
35th gun of 2023 found by TSA officers at Pittsburgh International Airport
Officials said a 59-year-old man suffered multiple lacerations to his head after being attacked by a woman wielding, what police called, a machete early Tuesday
Philadelphia SHOOTING 5XX W King St 39th DistrictMale shot in the shoulder. The female suspect is in custody, gun recovered. Police scooping to the hospital. 7 shell casings located inside the apartment
Philadelphia SHOTS FIRED 29XX N Broad St 39th District11 shell casings located. No victims located at this time
Philadelphia overnight SHOTS FIRED 62XX Mershon St 15th DistrictMale fired a shot after catching males breaking into his vehicle. Suspects are 2 Black males, fled in a blue or gray Ford Focus towards Roosevelt Blvd. 1 shell casing located
8 month ago
A Dunmore man was killed and another seriously injured following a car crash in Lackawanna County
Woman shot, killed by police in Willow Grove after pointing gun at medics and officers
Philadelphia ARMED ROBBERY 31XX Glenview St 15th DistrictPoint of gun, pistol whipped victim, took vehicle keys. Suspects are 2 Black males wearing all black and masks, both armed with handguns. Last seen east on Glenview