4 December 2023
@PhillyPolice officers @PhilaSheriff deputies on guard on bikes circling Center City Philadelphia mall,The Fashion District.
15th District ..76XX LEXINGTON AVE. Police responded to a E911 call for burglary in progress:1 Police officer discharged firearm 1X; male was not struck by bullet. Several officers deployed tasers - Male was struck at least 1X by taser
76XX Lexington Ave 15th DistrictOfficers responded to a burglary in progress. Male fled through the woods. Officers encountered the male, threatened police with a knife. Taser deployed, shots fired by police
Two police officers and an unidentified driver were injured in a crash the happened in North Philadelphia early Wednesday
Police are warning about an ongoing scam where individuals impersonate officers to solicit funds over phone. A reminder, Pittsburgh Police will never ask for money, either over the phone or in person, for any reason.
At least 15 arrested after looting erupts in Philadelphia
⁦@PhillyPolice⁩ say of this video of ⁦@footlocker⁩ on Chestnut Street. The first of what would be many reported stores looted throughout Philadelphia. Police got here at 7:58pm & made first of many arrests of night
It is 03:39am and Philadelphia Police are still responding to looting incidents, burglaries, and robberies
LULULEMON HAS FALLENVIDEO: Lululemon store is left completely destroyed by looters in Philadelphia on Chestnut St after a lawless night of anarchy
Apple Store security can't hold door shut from crowd. One of posted videos ⁦@PhillyPolice⁩ gathering. Just stolen iPads and iPhones from ⁦⁦@Apple⁩ store have alarms going off on them and message
Philadelphia police are still on location here on Chestnut Street following hours of citywide looting. Looting started here around 8 PM in the aftermath of a Philly judge dismissing murder charges for former Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial's shooting of Eddie Irizarry
Looters strike Apple, Lululemon stores in Philadelphia unrelated to Eddie Irizarry protests, policemen say
LOOTING that just occurred at the GameStop at Broad and Glenwood Watch as looters break the front door glass and enter the store before police arrive
The looting in Philadelphia continues as criminals climb through broken windows and evade metal sheets, stealing liquor bottles.
Philadelphia police officers descended on Center City after a group of juveniles looted several businesses on Tuesday night
Philadelphia Looters now reported at Frankford and Cottman
55th and Lancaster Ave. aof 54th and Lancaster Ave. BC 11 has smoke showing from the roofline of a 4 story commercial furniture store 200x100. 2& 2 in service
Multiple calls from businesses with looting incidents at 8pm. A large crowd of juveniles, 100 or so, kept moving,store to store. 15-20 arrests so far, two firearms recovered so far
the Philly PD use some force against looters and rioters tonight
Philadelphia Officials are preparing to hold a press conference shortly as Philadelphia is experiencing uncontrolled widespread lootings and robberies
One of many arrests we saw tonight in Center City Philadelphia. interim @PhillyPolice Commissioner @PPDCommish about to brief us in minutes on arrests, damages, and theft and maybe worse tonight so far. Two murders in city in last two hours
philly looter, is streaming to almost 15,000 people. The police are closing in on Meatball looting riots
Philadelphia Group of looters gathering at Broad and Olney
Philadelphia Lootings being reported all up and down 52nd St in West Philly
Philadelphia Homicide 22XX Mutter St 24th District Male shot in chest and stomach. Medics pronounced.
Philadelphia Homicide BY SHOOTING at 12xx Robbins Ave in the 2nd district. Medic 12 responded and pronounced a male dead shot in the chest.Police unable to immediately respond
Philadelphia911 receiving calls for a report of a triple shooting at Broad and Lehigh but no units are available to respond at this time
The scene outside Philadelphia's ⁦@lululemon⁩ store tonight after @phillypolice say looting broke out following a protest March
25th DistrictSnipes 701 W Lehigh Ave Looting
Philadelphia SHOTS FIRED 54XX Lansdowne Ave 19th District2 vehicles struck with multiple scenes
Police are investigating after an SUV crashed along Broad Street in Philadelphia's Logan neighborhood early Tuesday after the man behind the wheel was shot five times
Philadelphia Police responded to the Marriot Hotel at 1 Arrival Road for a hospital case. A 66-year-old Hispanic female was located inside her hotel room unresponsive with a cloth in her mouth.
A judge dismissed the case against a former Philadelphia police officer who had been charged with murder in connection to the death of Eddie Irizarry, according to Philadelphia ABC station
Philadelphia overnight SHOTS FIRED 25XX N 16th St 22nd DistrictHouse struck multiple times by gunfire. 14 shell casings located
Philadelphia ARMED ROBBERY 4XX Brown St 6th DistrictPoint of gun. Taken was a phone, wallet, and backpack. Suspect is a Black male, light complexion, tattoos on face, red hoodie, and black pants
Philadelphia SHOOTING 5XX S 17th St 17th DistrictMale shot in head, transported by Medic 35. Suspect last seen west on South St
Philadelphia ARMED COMMERCIAL ROBBERY Summerdale and Marcella St I Hungry ; 2nd DistrictPoint of gun. Taken was $3000 cash and merchandise. Suspects are (3) Black males, all armed
City of Philadelphia Box 8122 Wayne Ave and Logan St 4900 blk of Wayne Ave Engine 59 has a smoke from the roofline of a 2 story row dwelling, 2 ;2 in service. Engines 59, 19,9,50. Ladders 18, 8. BC 8, 2. Medic 5
Philadelphia ATTEMPTED CARJACKING (PIZZA DELIVERY) 56XX Miriam Rd 2nd DistrictPoint of gun attempted carjacking of a pizza delivery person. Victim ran into customer’s home when the suspects approached him. Suspects are (2) Black males, wearing all black and masks
Philadelphia SHOOTING 27XX N Orianna St 25th DistrictWalk-in gunshot victim at the hospital, shot in leg. Occurred at above location