22 June 2024
A man and woman were shot overnight in Southwest Philadelphia
Shooting on Saw Mill Run Blvd injures 2 adults, 2 children
Homicide at 26XX S 78th St (12th District). Adult male shot in the chest, police scooped to the hospital, unresponsive. Pronounced at 12:28AM. 1 shell casing has been located
SHOOTING at 26XX S 78th St (12th District). Adult male shot in the chest, police scooping to the hospital, currently unresponsive. No shell casings located at this time
TRIPLE SHOOTING at 2900 Frankford Ave (24th District). Regarding Frankford & Orleans St, police have located 2 more victims, both with graze wounds
Around 6:30am, PFD responded to a large fire under I-95 near the Cottman Avenue exit in Northeast Philly. PFD placed the fire under control at 7:30am, but there is an ongoing emergency response from dozens of city, state, and fed. agencies as part of I-95 N& S is closed
After the I-95 Northbound lanes collapsed down, the flames from the intense fire still were going way above the highway through the suddenly opened up portion of 95
A section of Interstate 95 collapsed Sunday morning in Philadelphia after a vehicle caught fire underneath an overpass
Philadelphia this morning - Tanker truck fire underneath I-95 caused part of the highway to collapse.
A Fuel Tanker has caught fire and exploded underneath Interstate highway 95 causing the entire northbound overpass to collapse Philadelphia. Currently, multiple emergency crews and other emergency agencies are on scene to a major fire after a fuel tanker, caught fire and exploded underneath Interstate 95 highway and has caused the entire northbound overpass to collapse as morning rush hours hits in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania multiple people are reporting thick black smoke as it can be seen miles away, Police have shutdown all north and southbound lanes Due to exploding manholes, firefighters are urging the public to steer clear of these areas
A tanker fire underneath Interstate 95 northbound in Philadelphia has caused part of the highway to collapse
One of the children shot died at the hospital.
ASSIST OFFICER at 2400 N Natrona St (22nd District). Foot pursuit of a male armed with a gun, requesting an assist. Taser deployed, didn't hit suspect. Apprehension made at 25XX N Douglas St, gun recovered
25XX N 32nd St (22nd District). 16-year-old shot approx. 5 times. Very large crowd. Police scooped to the hospital in extremely critical condition. Pronounced at 11:07PM
Homicide at 71XX Jackson St (15th District). Adult male shot, police transported the victim to the hospital. Pronounced at the hospital
Overnight ARSON at 17XX N 26th St (22nd District). The Fire Marshal has determined that a vehicle fire is an arson
Overnight ASSAULT BY AX at 23XX Sharswood St (22nd District). Police on location with an aggravated assault with an ax inside of an abandoned house. Suspect is a Black male, dreads, and a lip piercing. Medics are transporting the 2 victims
TRIPLE ASSIST/SHOOTING at 24XX Welsh Rd (8th District). Police are transporting a male in critical condition to the hospital. Requesting a triple assist for a large crowd. One in custody, firearm recovered
SHOOTING at 44XX Oakmont St (15th District). Male shot in the chest, police scooping to the hospital. Critical condition, unresponsive. 1 shell casing located
SHOOTING at 100 E Somerset St (24th District). Adult male shot 7x, including in the leg and stomach. Police transported to the hospital. 2 suspects got out of a tan large GMC SUV, including 1 with a long gun. 18 shell casings and 1 live round located. Vehicle also struck
Police are still on scene at Home Depot in Buckhorn after reports of a shooting.1 year ago
Police are still on scene at Home Depot in Buckhorn after reports of a shooting.
1 year ago
One person has died after a house fire in York County early Thursday morning
Philadelphia police looking to ID victim assaulted during street racing chaos
One person was killed and at least three others were hurt in a crash along Route 8 in Butler County
A Philadelphia school was placed on lockdown Tuesday morning after a gun was found in a student's backpack
Heavy police presence in Uniontown
Kensington shooting incident investigation near 2900 block of N Mascher Street
SHOOTING at 29XX N Mascher St (25th District). Victim transported by a private vehicle escorted by Highway Patrol. Suspect(s) fled in a neon green and red Polaris-type Dune Buggy with lights across the front
City of Philadelphia nBox 7586 Hemlock and Milford aof 15000 blk. of Carter Road BC 5 has smoke showing from a 2 story twin dwelling. 2 and 2 in service. nnEngines 58,22,18,56 Ladders 31,34
Teen killed after street racing chaos, police-involved shooting in Philadelphia