5 December 2023
4 month ago
There were about 11 cars on the road at the time, and three were swept away
Philadelphia ASSIST OFFICER reported at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, 7901 State Rd A Corrections officer has been assaulted, injury to the head
3 dead, 4 missing following flash flooding in Pennsylvania
multi-vehicle fatal crash occurred in the 7th district in the intersection of Bustleton Ave and Rennard St, resulting in a fatality
Shooting 3300 Marston st. 39th district on the highway at 10:20 a 14 year old black male suffered two graze wounds to the chest. Placed in stable condition. scene held. no weapons recovered or arrests made.
Shooting North 30th Street & Page Street, Philadelphia 22nd districtnon the highway at 10:06 a 43 year old black male was shot once to the chest and once to the right abdomen.
ARMED BARRICADE at 5200 Levick St @ Lardner's Point Pier (15th District). At approx. 3AM, 15C declared a barricade after an armed male threatened to harm himself on the pier. SWAT advised at approx.
Philadelphia Overnight nn ARMED CARJACKING at 1XX Fairmount Ave (6th District). Point of gun. Taken was a black 2023 GMC Yukon XL, PA Tag LRV-7573. Suspects: 3 - 4 males
Philadelphia Overnight nn ARMED CARJACKING at 6XX Marlyn Rd (19th District). Point of gun. Taken was a 2014 Honda Civic, PA tag LRV-3092. Suspect: Black male, light complexion, ski mask, orange underwear, all black clothing
A woman shot two men after they attempted to burglarize her home in Germantown
ARMED CARJACKING at 23XX Duncan St (15th District). Point of gun. Taken was a dark gray BMW 3 series, no tint . Suspect: 3 males, dark clothing and masks. 1 armed with a handgun. Last seen east on Duncan
SHOOTING at 26XX W Hunting Park Ave (39th District). 14-year-old male showed up at Jeanes Hospital with 2 gunshot wounds to the chest. Saying it occurred outside at a party at the above location.
Shooting 1800 E. Ontario St. 24TH 10:46 am on the hwy . a 58 y/o black male was shot once in the groin and once in the right calf . medics transported the victim to temple hospital where he was listed in stable condition
A man was killed and two others were hurt in an early morning shooting in Munhall
One dead, three others hurt in Allegheny County bar shooting
Ambulance carrying body of fallen officer given police escort to Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office. Police sources say the officer suffered some kind of medical emergency while on duty. She was found by witnesses in shopping center parking lot on S. Columbus Blvd
Philly police officer dies after being found unresponsive in patrol car
STABBING at 51XX Keyser St (39th District). Adult female stabbed by a known suspect. Transported by Medic 29 to the hospital. Suspect: Black male, 41-years-old
A three year old girl and an adult male were killed in Friday's house fire in York
Overnight incident Stabbing 5200 N. 2nd St. 35th district on the highway at 9:48p.a 26-year-old hispanic male was stabbed twice, once in the left arm and once in the torso. the male was transported to einstein hospital by police and was placed in critical condition
Overnight incident. Shooting 57xx N. Lambert St
Overnight incident Stabbing. Somerset and Gurney Sts
From PPD below: Victim: Jose Almonte-Garcia, 37/M, from the 600 block of East Godfrey Avenue. Motive: Unknown. Offender: Two males wearing dark-colored masks. Philadelphia.
Two people have died after a fire in York County
Philadelphia Homicide at 1501 N 29th St at Jefferson (22nd District). Adult male shot inside store and pronounced on scene by medics at 6:47PM. Approx. 3 shell casings located
Philadelphia STABBING at 16XX W Erie Ave (39th District). Male stabbed by a female. Transported by medics to the hospital.
SHOOTING at 52nd and Market St (18th District). SEPTA Police heard gunfire and located a female shot in the arm. Police transported to the hospital. Suspect: Black male, long dreads, black shirt, black shorts. Possibly ran across 52nd and got hit by a car
This victim was pronounced dead at 27XX A St (24th District). Male shot multiple times. 25th District unit transporting to the hospital, unresponsive. 11 shell casings
Police say carjackers shot a 50 yr old victim in the head, killing him on the spot during a botched carjacking attempt.
Firefighters found three vehicles had caught fire, melting siding on two homes