4 December 2023
Philadelphia police say they've found more than 75 shell casings following the double shooting.
A man was injured in a shooting in Stowe Township Thursday night
A motorist traveling on Beaver Ave. at Cantril St. found an unresponsive male down on the road with a bicycle close by. Medics transported him to the hospital in critical condition. There is no suspect vehicle description.
Police responded near 700 Daly Street a little before 9 p.m. and they say a 37-year-old man was shot 18 times throughout his body
Philadelphia KNIFEPOINT ROBBERY at 5015 Whitaker Avenn3 armed men robbed person of $900 cash, a gold chain, and two iPhones
Stabbing - Unit block of North 39th Street a 26 year old female was stabbed twice in the left arm, once in the left thigh, and once the right
GUNPOINT CARJACKING, S 56th St and Spruce A group of 3 teenagers took a vehicle at gunpoint
A man's body was found inside a dumpster in West Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon
'Extremely active' shooting situation in Pittsburgh after attempted eviction
Continuous gunfire continues on Millvale off Penn Ave
Shooting. 5xx s 54th street at 2:14a. police personnel received an e-911 call for a gunshot victim at the university of pennsylvania hospital that arrived via private vehicle.
Shooting. 1xx w clearfield street. on the highway at 2:19a. a 28 year old male was shot six times throughout the body. male was transported to temple hospital by police
Hundreds of shots being fired at a home in Pittsburgh, police standoff underway
Active gunfire in Garfield
Active shooting situation happening in Garfield. We heard active gunfire in the last ten minutes as SWAT just pulled up to the scene.
Several streets in and around Garfield are blocked by dozens of police officers. Pittsburgh public safety warn of an active shooting situation
Officers are beginning to evacuate people from the houses in the 4800 block of Broad St. shelter in place, dial 911, and identify your address, location. Officers will be entering to help guide you to safety.
Avoid the 4800 block of Broad Street and N. Mathilda Street in the Garfield neighborhood due to an active shooting situation
Police are investigating a double shooting at a gas station in North Philadelphia
Multiple people are displaced after a two-alarm fire in Steelton Tuesday evening
Several cars have been hit near the intersection of Centre Avenue and S. Graham Street in Shadyside. A woman in one of those cars tells an out-of-control utility truck slammed into the parked cars
32XX Emerald Street police personnel responded to an e-911 call for a domestic, upon arrival a male was armed with a gun inside. the male is inside the property alone
15xx North 61st Street ON THE HIGHWAY. a 19 year old female was shot multiple times throughout the body. the female was transported by police to lankenau hospital
Philadelphia police are searching for a driver who was racing during a fatal hit-and-run early Tuesday morning after police in New Jersey took two people into custody who are believed to be involved
A driver is in custody after a man was struck and killed by a speeding vehicle that fled the scene in Philadelphia overnight, police said
Philadelphia Double shooting, 1521 N 61st, en route to Lankenau
2400 W Harold in the 22nd district nnVictim states he was robbed by 4-5 male offenders, sustained injuries to his face/head nnOffenders fled in a gray Chrysler mini van
Fatal crash 27xx north 6th street. resulted in a death. unit 1, a pickup truck, was traveling westbound on lehigh avenue when it collided with unit 2, a dirt bike. unit 2's operator was pronounced dead
Three shot after party in North Philly.
Philadelphia Stabbing - 18XX South 5th Street 21-year-old hispanic male was stabbed twice in the right leg. the male was transported to jefferson hospital by medic 27 and was placed in stable